Android P Will Have a New Look To Support Displays With Notch

Android P Rumoured to Bring Native Support for Foldable Displays and iPhone X-Like Notch

Android P will embrace the iPhone X “notch”: Report

But Google continues to work on the next version-Android P-which is reportedly being created to support handsets with iPhone X-style notch cutouts. Internally called Pistachio Ice Cream, the next iteration is expected to improve battery life and support designs like multiple screens and foldable displays. Apple dominates the premium segment where users can afford to spend more on devices, apps, and services.

As Google prepares for the onset of a whole host of phones with different screen configurations being released, Apple is reportedly more interested in aligning focus to the development of increasing performance and reliability of their operating system.

Further big changes are ahead as Oreo becomes P as Google is considering allowing outside developers to incorporate the Google Assistant within their apps. However, the primary motivation for Google seems to be all about attracting Apple buyers by replicating its notch technology and integrating it cleanly into the Android ecosystem.

Alongside a deeper Google Assistant integration in Android, the chat and conversational experience on Android devices may continue to change, with an upgrade to Android Messages on the way. Indeed, when the iPhone X came out in November, Samsung Electronics Co, the largest Android phone maker, mocked the feature in a commercial.

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It looks like Google wants to woo iPhone users to transition to Android, and an iPhone X type notch is a significant step in achieving that goal. The Essential Phone already employs the look and there are other phones already in the works which feature the same approach.

Here's what you can expect when Android P rolls out later this year. Basically, with Android P (short for Pistachio), Google will be attempting to lure more iOS users.

Although divisive at first, after living with the notch the general consensus appears to have simmered down to the point where iPhone X owners don't really notice it in day to day use.

Google is also rumored to be considering the addition of a Google Assistant search bar on its home screen. Let's see who will win the design game this year. Similar to iPhone X, the notch is where the cameras and other sensors will be placed to help Android compete with its arch-rival Apple.

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