Google is the Latest Company to Mimic Snapchat Stories

AMP for Email

Google introduces Accelerated Mobile Pages for Email to make Gmail more engaging interactive and

"Just like any web page, a publisher hosts an AMP story HTML page on their site and can link to it from any other part of their site to drive discovery", Google said on its Developers Blog. Web pages that normally take tens of seconds can load in under a second, and take less data to transmit - a big consideration for people on less than generous mobile data plans. The company has revealed its latest project, AMP Stories, taking news content and packaging it into a visual-first format that promises more engagement from attention-short readers. Google looks forward to seeing how this new support will attract client and react to it. AMP for Email is an open spec, Google looks forward to seeing how other clients adapt to this.

For now, Google is testing AMP-powered Stories and will roll them out more significantly over time. Through AMP Stories, publishers will let you tap through quick bits from their news stories in a carousel of slideshow content. For this, Google involved publishers like CNN, Conde Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox Media, and The Washington Post to explore this new medium. And AMP Stories seems like yet another shot at it.

The "AMP" part comes from the Accelerated Mobile Pages project, a standard for websites that is meant to assist page loading on the mobile screens and to make it much faster.

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Stories are everywhere. It started from Snapchat, but now you have it on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and YouTube.

But AMP Stories give "gives great editorial freedom to content creators", it claimed. As such, AMP stories are built on the foundation of Accelerated Mobile Pages which optimises, pre-renders and caches pages to ensure efficient delivery to users. We're delighted to see that an industry is starting to form around that, and hope that it will encourage more newsrooms to invest in teams that focus on made-for-mobile content. AMP stories are more like web pages now.

AMP for Email is open-source so developers can freely play around with the capabilities and use them to their advantage. "AMP allows for more discovery and engagement between the user and the publisher".

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