New iOS update lets users stop Apple from slowing down phones

Apple confirms iPhone source code leak

We now know why an Apple employee decided to leak secret iPhone code

So if you're an iOS user and you've been jonesing for those features, just be patient.

The highlight feature no doubt will be the universal app system. Although present in the early developer betas, it was then quietly pulled and failed to materialize again in the iOS 11 release later that year. Let us know in our comments section below. Reports by various outlets have drawn attention to the necessity of Apple going back to the basics and focus on what their iOS has always been known for: stability and performance.

"This change is Apple beginning to realize that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs - which previously would not have happened", according to one person familiar with the company.

As a result, developers will get two years instead of one to work on new features, which means the firm's expected iOS 12 reveal in September may be a lot shorter than previous presentations.

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The new strategy has been laid by the company's Software Chief, Craig Federighi.

Some iPad-specific features are said to have been delayed until 2019. Indeed, the feature - which allows users to store their conversations and message attachments in the cloud rather than on their devices, saving storage space in the process - is only expected to arrive later this year as a part of iOS 11.3. According to a report from Bloomberg today, this model is now being dramatically revised.

But, you can still expect the next iPhone software update, and macOS 10.14, to land on time. Unfortunately, the renewed focus on quality will delay some features as well, including redesigns to the Home screens of the iPhone, iPad and CarPlay; as well as, a revamped Photos app which can suggest which images to view. The Cupertino company is reportedly switching things up for this year's batch of major updates. Although both release major versions of their operating systems on a periodic basis, they develop built-in apps separately to the main platform. Engineers would now be given an upper hand in deciding the features that are not flawless enough to be added in the update, notes Bloomberg. The group hadn't intended for the proprietary material to leak out to the public, but the code was eventually shared with others and gradually began appearing online, according to a report in Motherboard. The ability for several people to play augmented reality games is also planned.

You may see iPad apps on the Mac, though, as a big new feature will reportedly allow one version of an app to run on iPhones, iPads and Macs, similar to Microsoft's UWP program or how Android apps can run on Chromebooks. While it would not be easy to balance between the two aspects, it's good that the company has jotted down the new strategy. It is, to be sure, much more hard to develop solutions that balance all three of these requirements than to focus unilaterally on just one of them.

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