Sea Of Thieves Says No To Loot Boxes, Yes To Microtransactions (Later)

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves - Sea of Thieves for Windows 10 - Let's Talk About Specs

Eurogamer picked up on this detail at a recent preview event, and added that you'll be able to view the character performing different animations and in different poses, just to give you a better idea of how it's going to look in-game. Sea of Thieves is now set to come out for PC and Xbox One on March 27th, 2018.

In the meantime, here's everything you need to know about Rare's next big title.

The numbers Sea of Thieves has been pulling in already would back up Rare's claim that this new IP can stand shoulder to shoulder with other Microsoft properties.

According to Chapman, once players acquire the rank of "Pirate Legend" it will unlock an area of the game named Pirate Cove which will allow for players to purchase legendary voyages.

Once you become a Legend, you'll gain access to a secret pirate hideout and the endgame legendary voyages, which will be the game's most hard content at launch. As such, while microtransactions are a possibility somewhere down the line, the more controversial loot crates are not.

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"So even if you were the only person who had bought a pet, but you had it on board, your crew would be able to enjoy the benefits of a monkey". Also, he said that there will be zero microtransactions in Sea of Thieves on launch.

Some new reports have surfaced that include Rare executive producer, Joe Neate, and his thoughts on Sea of Thieves and live services. Again, it's completely optional.

We recently had a play of Sea of Thieves during its open beta and came away quite impressive by its gorgeous visuals and manic multiplayer.

And while Sea of Thieves is still a bigger version of the sandbox we explored last month, there will be a story to give the world a greater sense of goal. "People can do the mod if they want to, but they've got braver stomachs than mine". As for the premium shop, yes, you'll be able to spend real money in Sea of Thieves. "I joined [Rare] two years ago, and our ambition since then has been to deliver the PC game that PC players expect". But based on everything we learned today, it sounds like Rare's pirate sandbox could have a long life ahead of it post-launch.

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