Snapchat Courts Creators With New Audience Analytics

Snapchat Courts Creators With New Audience Analytics

Snapchat Courts Creators With New Audience Analytics

Snapchat has always been awful at analytics, only showing daily Story view counts that content creators had to screenshot just before they disappeared every 24 hours in order to prove their worth to sponsors.

Snapchat has begun sharing a range of insights with creators, in order to give them a better understanding of their audience and open up future monetisation opportunities.

Snapchat needs the support of these creators more than ever before.

She further said that it's a possibility that once the users get use to the redesign they would again start using it as heavily as before.

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The new design first rolled out in November for a limited number of users, aiming to make it easier to use. Whether it's a celebrity, a stranger or even a "friend", sometimes it's impossible to resist the urge to screenshot their Instagram stories. It only began verifying some with a special emoji on their name past year, and there's still no revenue sharing options like creators find on YouTube and Facebook. The company is also going to share stats with other Snapchatters who have large followings on the service. But that could be expensive, provide incomplete data, or require creators to turn over their login details. Nick Cicero, CEO of analytics company Delmondo, says he's seen an increase in engagement for both Discover publishers and verified accounts since the redesign.

By ignoring creators, Snapchat had pushed them to competitors like Instagram and YouTube.

The description goes on to add that numerous new features in this update are either useless or go against what Snapchat achieved so far.

But a flurry of Twitter comments took issue with the update to Snapchat, which has become a favourite of teens for its disappearing messages but also offers content from various media partners.

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