Sonos One and Google Home Max Sound Better Than Apple HomePod

Consumer Reports rubbishes HomePod

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That's the finding by Consumer Reports, which published on Friday the early results of a comprehensive review of Apple's Internet-connected speaker, which costs $350.

The speaker also includes seven tweeters to play higher-pitched sound and a single four-inch woofer to handle the bass.

There were a variety of methods that were used to initiate the teardown of the HomePod but they were all improvised and not through in the attempts. The publication dinged the HomePod for having a bass that was "a bit boomy and overemphasized" as well as "hazy" midrange tones. That's a hard question to answer for a few reasons.

HomePod is locked to one user's iCloud account, which lets it access your calendar, texts, and more. Their testers found that Apple's speaker delivered "Very Good" audio performance but it wasn't the best sounding wireless speaker or even the best sounding smart speaker. Still, Alam's testing does put in the work, and the HomePod is undeniably strong-at least when it comes to sound. Will Apple finally make a TV to go along with HomePod?

By all indications, the HomePod is the most technically impressive-and best sounding-smart speaker now on the market. It also failed to match the audio performance of the cheapest offering from multi-room wireless audio leader Sonos.

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While the HomePod's audio quality is praiseworthy, its "smartness" is not.

In the United States the HomePod is priced at US$350 and to fix the cord it costs US$279, the same as fixing an iPhone X screen. I can't use any of them with HomePod because I haven't bought the special new Apple-approved hardware. With that in mind, it's clear that Apple doesn't think you should have to.

In other words, the HomePod truly takes a Beats approach to music. If you agree to all of Apple's rules and do everything just like the company wants, you might have an incredible experience. By comparison the Google Home retails at £129 and the Amazon Echo (2nd generation) at £74.99.

If the reasons mentioned above aren't good enough to keep you away from a Homepod, you can get one here. And will Apple also open up the platform like it did with iOS, enabling developers to build apps in its once restrictive sandbox and making the HomePod truly useful.

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