Southfield church will once again offer drive thru ashes on Ash Wednesday


Easter 2018: When Is It and Why Does Its Date Change Every Year?

The legend is that he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people causing them to fall in love. "The bishop recognizes the significance of Valentine's Day in our culture, but also suggests that the faithful celebrate on another day, perhaps Tuesday, the day before our Lenten observance begins".

Ash Wednesday always takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday and marks the start of Lent - a season of fasting and prayer.

"That (Valentine's Day) is not about the ushy gushy romantic love, it is about that deeper love, and that's the kind of love that God has for us", she said. It's a time of fasting and repentance for many Christians, not just Catholics.

Standing on Main Street with the temperature in the low 30s, Feltz said "We are here today because some people can not make it to church".

February 14 this year is also Ash Wednesday, the day following the more widely known celebration of Mardi Gras. A traditional Ash Wednesday service will be held at the church at 6:30 129 Woods Mill Rd.

For Catholics, abstaining from meat is still a requirement.

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As for Easter falling on April Fool's Day, Fr. Lugger says a scripture teacher in seminary speculated that the original Easter Sunday may have happened on April Fool's Day, and that Jesus "fooled the world" by rising from the dead. Many Catholics will also abstain from eating red meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent.

"Lent is. not a negative giving up as much as it is a positive chance to grow in love of God and neighbor through prayer and fasting and charity", Blair said.

It is a time of reflection and of asking for forgiveness, and when Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus's resurrection at the feast of Easter, which comes at the very end of Lent. "And so, due to the importance of Ash Wednesday in the lives of all Catholics and many others, a dispensation or commutation will not be granted".

On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded that God has given us the greatest gift we will ever receive.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Knights of Columbus Blessed Trinity Council will sponsor the food drive during the six weeks of the Lenten season.

What do people give up for Lent? That is why there is an emphasis on fish fry dinners this time of year.

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