Montgomery School Board Holds First Meeting Since Release Of Intervention Plan

The Carroll County School Board is meeting to find out if they can legally ban the Confederate flag from being worn or used in and on school grounds

The Carroll County School Board is meeting to find out if they can legally ban the Confederate flag from being worn or used in and on school grounds

Two years ago, the district shortened the school year and added 30 minutes to the school day as a cost-cutting measure to help balance the budget. Member Terry Prykowski asked for an evaluation of long-term funding needed for those facility upgrades, while Warren said his main push would be to update and modernize the district's website.

Childers said after Monday's meeting that an announcement of finalists could come within about a week.

This year the school board hired the N.C. School Boards Association.

A longtime school board member announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election to the Jackson-Madison County School Board in the upcoming election. "In 2013, however, the tension and political climate in Wake County required a different type of operation".

Jim Merrill, who replaced Tata, said he resigned February 1 to begin his retirement.

A school board in southwestern Ontario has decided not to follow the example of other boards that are stocking up on naloxone kits to deal with a growing opioid crisis, opting instead to focus on anti-drug education.

Tim Eaton of KSBA will be in charge of assisting the board through the process of hiring a new superintendent. A job posting for the superintendent position had been posted on the district's website and had drawn two applicants already, and those applicants are being directed to KSBA.

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The board also is due to evaluate the superintendent soon - the board members put off Contreras' one-year evaluation at her request that they complete these three sessions with the Council of the Great City Schools first. "This auditorium should have been filled this afternoon with the board of education meeting because there are concerns that we need to address as citizens....we are talking, but we are not coming forward and talking with the people we need to talk with" said K.T. Brown challenging more parents and concerned community members like herself to become more involved.

Superintendent Finalists Pictured Below (L to R): Matthew Alexander. This time around, with a closed search, Wake received 20 applications for superintendent. "You are not a lawyer, she is", Garrett said. Joseph DiSanto, R -Dauphin County, would provide students attending lower-performing schools with access to a publicly funded education savings account. "Those are the same individuals who are most likely to either choose not to apply in the case of an open search or withdraw from the search if their candidacy were to be made public". Board members informally adopted the concept at a December 18 work session hosted by interim superintendents John Thein and Sherri Broderius.

District officials have attributed the deficit in part to the state of Illinois' failure to pay the district a $49 million capital development grant and the state's proration of General State Aid from 2011 to 2016, which cost the district an additional $21.5 million.

The names of screening committee members will be kept confidential.

The board believes it is critical to have a wide variety of community stakeholders involved in the search, Henderson said.

Please let the Carpinteria School Board know how you feel about these developments!

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