Pennsylvania set to begin rollout of medical marijuana program

Hampden Township medical marijuana dispensary to open Friday

NJ medical marijuana: These big changes could be coming to state's program

Unlike dispensaries in Colorado or California, which are set up like stores with a wide range of products available for the taking, Pennsylvania dispensaries are set up more like traditional medical establishments. "We're actually going to Harrisburg to try to persuade our Department of Health that this is an important option that patients need".

"My thanks to staff and supporters, and to the more than 700 physicians who have either completed or are in the process of completing the necessary steps to certify patients".

More than 17,000 patients have already registered to participate in the medical marijuana program, including almost 4,000 who have been certified by a physician.

A line of about a dozen people greeted employees as they opened the doors of the Cresco Yeltrah dispensary in Butler. Until then, informational sessions are held in the facility to educate the public about medical marijuana.

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Marijuana will be available from dispensaries only in pills, oils, topical gels and creams, liquid, tincture and forms appropriate for vaporization and nebulization.

Gov. Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Program into law in April, 2016, and the program is expected to be fully implemented this year. Those conditions are mostly chronic and debilitating, including epilepsy, glaucoma, ALS, severe vomiting from AIDS or cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, and other terminal illnesses. That dispensary opens Friday morning. "Each week, we will be adding locations where Pennsylvanians suffering from serious medical conditions can get this medication".

Ten dispensaries and 10 growers have been approved to operate, and more than 17,000 patients have registered to participate. Pennsylvania is expected to be one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the country, and those involved in implementation should be applauded for reaching this point ahead of schedule.

Over 4,000 patients in Pennsylvania have been certified by a doctor so far. As of this week, 708 physicians have registered with the department and 376 have competed the training to become certified practitioners.

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