Steam's wishlist tool has had an overhaul

Deep Rock Galactic

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

Today we rolled out an update giving you more control over your Steam Wishlist.

The Wishlist can also be sorted by tags or genres, so now Steam displays the top-ranked tags for each item on the list.

Steam's Lunar New Year sale has officially begun, and it features discounts for a variety of games.

The latest software update for Steam has added more sorting and filtering options to the Steam Wishlist. Some games even add or change the offers available over time, so we wouldn't want to make assumptions about which version you are ultimately interested in when you hit "add to cart". You can also specifically look at games that are discounted by a certain amount-either 50% or 75%-if you're hunting for the best deals, as well as things that can be purchased with the money available in your Steam Wallet. All games on the Wishlist now have their release date included in the info box, too, which should be helpful when you're tracking the progress of a game currently in development.

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Finally, Valve has remedied one of the original Steam wishlist's more annoying omissions.

Below are some specific deals and you can visit the Steam Store to see the full list of now discounted titles. However, this feature is not available for games with multiple purchase options, such as deluxe or complete editions, in case a user accidentally purchases the wrong package. For instance, players can add Sonic Mania straight into their Steam cart from their wishlist, but to differentiate between Tyranny's different Commander Edition, Overlord Edition, and various bundles, players can click on the "View Details" button to select the edition they want to buy.

The changes to the Wishlist come as a result of feedback from users.

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