Why Trump Will Never Accept What His Spy Chiefs Keep Saying

Coats: Election meddling 'ongoing'

DNI Coats Calls for 'National Cry' to Resist Ongoing Russian Campaign Ops

"There should be no doubt that Russian Federation perceives its past efforts" to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign "as a success", and it "views the 2018 midterm elections" as another opportunity to conduct an attack, said Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats. The earliest primary elections will be held March 6.

"And I agree with Director Pompeo", National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers declared.

Claims by US intelligence that Russian Federation is plotting to meddle in this year's midterm Congressional elections are preposterous and prove that America is obsessed with such theories, Russia's top government spokesman said Wednesday.

The president apparently conflates the question of whether his campaign worked with Russia-a notion he has repeatedly denied as it is being investigated by a special counsel-and Russia's influence on American voters.

"Everyone was silent", Coats said. The list of potential activities meriting sanctions covers weapons deals, human rights abuses and Russian cyberattacks against the United States and other democracies.Although Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin assured Congress on Wednesday that sanctions "are coming", there's little reason to believe him.

The FBI has already begun meeting with state officials about Russia's intentions during the midterms and what can be done to protect the process.

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WASHINGTON-The U.S. director of national intelligence warned on Tuesday that time was running out for the United States to act on the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons program. "How are we ever going to get them to stop doing this if all we do is patch our software and try to defend ourselves?"

It seems we're being challenged on every front, too, from cybersecurity to terrorism to nuclear threats. But he took issue with a media report that said the $100,000 spent by the administration ultimately failed to acquire the stolen hacking tools.

The disconnect between Trump and his seniormost intelligence advisers has raised concerns that the U.S. government will not be able to mount an effective plan to beat back Russian influence operations in the upcoming midterm election.

"There were efforts by Russian Federation, and likely by other countries, to involve or influence American elections and we take that very seriously". He's virtually giving the Kremlin the green light to interfere in US elections. All of that information was reportedly sent to the F.B.I., helping provide the technical basis for US intelligence to conclude that Russian Federation was behind the hacking of the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign.

"Make no mistake", he said.

Warner asked the leaders at the witness table whether they agreed with the assessment that Russian Federation will "try to continue to intervene in our elections in 2018 and 2020".

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