Meek Mill files appeal petition over credibility of cop's testimony

Cop Who Arrested Meek Mill Has Apparently Admitted to Lying, Roughing Up Rapper

Meek Mill Files Appeal Petition Questioning Cop's Credibility

He retired from the force a year ago.

The shoutout came on the day when Meek's legal team caught wind of a list of crooked cops in Philadelphia crafted by the DA.

Meek Mill is seeking to be released from prison after claiming that the police officer who arrested him is corrupt.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office compiled a secret list of police officers who've been accused of lying, racial bias, brutality or abuse of power in order to stop them from testifying in court, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Meek also said in the 2008 trial that the cops had cuffed him outside the house but the officers then dragged him inside the house and beat him up. Gibson, a member of the same squad as Graham, provided a sworn affidavit where he says the "Dreams and Nightmares" artist never pointed a gun at the officer or anyone else. Graham was the only witness to testify against Mills during the 2008 trial.

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Now, Billboard reports that Meek's original arrest from back in 2007 may've been compromised by corruption as well, and yesterday (Feb. 14), Mill's attorneys filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition, calling into question his original arrest. Grahams's testimony differed radically from Mill's, but as an officer of the law, his word was taken to be true, and Meek was sentenced to five months in prison.

Ross actually referenced a The Inquirer story about an ex-officer accusing a former colleague this week of lying under oath a decade ago to get Meek pinned to gun and drug charges.

It's alleged now-retired officer Reginald Graham "lied as to almost every material fact in his testimony at trial".

Meek's legal team is using this as the basis to file a petition for the immediate release of the rapper and the start of a new trial.

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