PUBG players are dropping despite hitting 30 million sales

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It's latest milestone has the game surpass 30 million sales. Unfortunately, its concurrent players have dropped by around 5 percent, sparking conversation about the title's future. However, not everything is going well with the hit battle royale game. With the two new PUBG mobile games out now in China, perhaps we might even see a western version included in this expected outline?

If the lower player numbers are indeed a result of cheating rather than a natural decline in players, PUBG Corp will be looking to take quick action.

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Over 30 million copies sold, shown courtesy of SteamSpy.

They say a report from BattlEye, PUBG's anti-cheating system says that 99% of the accounts it has banned for cheating have been in China. BattlEye has previously gone on record to confirm that the majority of cheats do tend to originate in the country, however. While the studio has undergone numerous purges of said cheaters, nefarious players continue to crop up daily, and it's becoming an issue for PC players who've supported the title since the very beginning, even when PUBG officially released without fixing its biggest issues. Here in the United States, the promotion will run from February 18- February 24, and it's best to check with your local retailer or the Microsoft Store for more. On top of that, Xbox One S bundles, including the 1TB PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bundle which is available for pre-order today, will be discounted. Do you think the developer has made much progress on banning cheaters?

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