After Pennsylvania congressional map impasse, a new map revealed


Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman R Centre

The initial reaction of election experts Monday afternoon was that the new map could result in ten seats for Republicans and eight for Democrats; some analysts even suggested that, if there is a strong Democratic effort this year, the result could be an even split of nine-nine.

In addition to part of Centre County, the 15th District will now include all or part of Clearfield, Cambria, Cameron, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Warren, Forest, Venango, Clarion, Armstrong, Butler and IN counties. Most of Lancaster and York Counties, now one district, the 11th.

But Yudichak said the new map is an improvement.

In Washington, redistricting is determined by a panel of four - one appointed by Democrats and one by Republicans in each chamber of the Legislature.

Adam Sedlock, a Democrat and Uniontown psychologist.

While recent discussions about the stability of American democracy have centered upon Russian meddling, the issue of gerrymandering presents an equally significant threat.

Altoona has served as the population anchor of the 9th District for as long as its representative has been named Shuster. Washington is one of 22 states that does not give control of redistricting to the Legislature, meaning that in a majority of them the process is exclusively in the hands of the ruling party.

Shuster is not seeking re-election. Additionally, a few other seats shifted a few more points Democratic (e.g. the new PA-1), while the new PA-17 (represented now by Keith Rothfus) shifted greatly toward the Democrats. If a large contingent of Delco Democratic candidates split the primary vote, they might open the door for a Philadelphian, similar to what happened when Rep. Brendan Boyle (D., Pa.) won in 2014 while facing three Montco competitors. A petition must include the district seat sought by candidates.

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One example of a monkey wrench is a special election happening in what was previously the 18th Congressional District.

The justices said in their order that their map was developed based on evidence brought before the state Commonwealth Court in the lawsuit and said "it draws heavily" on the maps submitted last week.

Two candidates are running for that seat, but Dent says with the way the map's drawn up now, whoever ever wins, neither of them will actually be living in their district under this new map. In three elections, Republicans won 13 of 18 seats despite the fact that Pennsylvania's elections are usually tight races and the fact that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans.

State Sen. John Eichelberger Jr. of Hollidaysburg, Blair County. Though, Republican lawmakers are expected to challenge it in federal court, according to the Associated Press.

Hope Republicans in the Great State of Pennsylvania challenge the new "pushed" Congressional Map, all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. The invaidated 2011 map split 28 counties. We have Gov. Wolf acquiescing to the judiciary as it seizes the powers of the executive branch.

"Finally, the voters in Western Pennsylvania now have compact districts", Stack said. Governor Wolf rejected this map stating that it was just as gerrymandered as the previous map that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional.

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