How a skier faked her way to the Winter Olympics!

How an average skier made it to the Olympics and became an internet sensation

We've done it - we have just found the worst Olympian of all time

USA -born skier Elizabeth Swaney qualified for the Hungary Olympic team by way of a loophole that landed her in the women's halfpipe competition.

She attended as many World Cup qualifier events as she could for four years - which had less than 30 competitors - and did them really, really slowly, didn't fall over, and therefore finished in the top-30 every time. The former was not a major problem, as many World Cup events did not attract 30 women, and her play-it-safe approach - to perhaps put it far too kindly - ensured that she remained upright and came away with at least a few points.

Also in Swaney's favour was her extremely cautious style of skiing, which meant she often finished higher than skiers who crashed out. So how did she earn a spot in the freestyle halfpipe qualifying event?

The Harvard Graduate, who works as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, is eligible to represent Hungary through her grandparents and has previously competed on behalf of Venezuela.

Her best score, 31.4, left her in last place and 13.6 points behind the next-worse finisher, Denmark's Laila Friis-Salling, who slipped on both her runs.

Some commentators, however, questioned whether Swaney's performance lowered the standard and integrity of the Olympics.

Many World Cup events in the women's halfpipe don't even have 30 competitors.

Some felt she was simply an embarrassment though others believe she's an inspiration for mediocre athletes everywhere. Here's everything you need to know about Elizabeth Swaney.

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Swaney's performances may have disgruntled some, but she was unconcerned by any negativity about her intentions.

Essentially, she exploited the system that allowed athletes to qualify.

"Sometimes girls would crash so she would not end up dead last", Spence told the newspaper.

Although Swaney's run was not the most impressive thing you will see from an athlete at these games, it appears that she did accomplish exactly what she tried to do with the run.

With this foolproof strategy Elizabeth made her way to PyeongChang and people are in awe of how she managed to do it, despite not actually being that good at skiing.

"I didn't qualify for the finals, so I'm really disappointed with that", Swaney said afterwards.

Spence speculates that rules will be changed to require more than just the rampant accumulation of minimum scores to qualify for the 2022, but until then, we've been given a classic Olympic story. And maybe this will have an impact on skiing in Hungary.

The entire run seemed more like a parody than an actual Olympic competition. "So I couldn't be proud dealing some pins with some insane exotic country and being giving (criticism) to this girl that is trying to get into the Olympics".

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