Olympics: USA's Maddie Bowman falters in halfpipe, Brita Sigourney wins bronze

Canada's Cassie Sharpe soars into women's ski halfpipe final

Canada's Cassie Sharpe takes top spot in women's halfpipe qualifying in Pyeongchang

By comparison, in her Olympic-gold-medal-winning run four years ago, Bowman scored 89.00.

France's Marie Martinod took silver after crashing in her final run, guaranteeing Sharpe the top spot.

Those standings held up through the second run, with Sharpe upping the ante by ending her second run with 1080 that saw her post a score of 95.80. But Sigourney nailed her third and final run.

France's Marie Martinod won the silver medal and American Brita Sigourney the bronze.

Which, it turns out, she did.

"She blew it away on her second run", said Sharpe. Drew temporarily passed her teammate for the bronze-medal position in the final run. "I fell, but I didn't just give up the run". She's just stuck with it and worked hard and been supportive of everyone else even when she wasn't doing well.

Full-throated celebrations, though, were unexpectedly intermittent over the two days of ski halfpipe competition, thanks in part to the top-heavy nature of the field.

But Burke never got the chance to compete at the Olympics after dying from injuries sustained in a training crash in Utah in 2012.

"And it means, and this is most important, that you can be a woman, you can have kids and you can do it, feel good about it, and come back". At the other end were the many competitors, particularly in qualifying, who couldn't crack scores of 70.

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As her parents Julie and Thad Sigourney, watched from the bottom of the PyeongChang halfpipe - both clad in commemorative polka-dot Korean parkas - they knew that their daughter had come a long way since she first began competing in freestyle skiing at age 8 with the Alpine Meadows team, then chose to focus full-time on freeskiing while a freshman at the University of California-Davis, where she played club water polo until it became a winter season sport.

Four-time former world champion Friedrich and his brakeman Thorsten Margis must have thought they had done enough to claim the Olympic title outright.

Sharpe, though, said anyone who met the qualifying standard had the right to compete. She also said the level of ability on display hadn't been compromised. "My job is my favourite thing to do", said Sharpe. "But it was something that I think we've been working towards for a long time". Had any of them been clean, she might have been able to exert some pressure on the young Canadian.

Her former coach says his current students are inspired by Cassie Sharpe.

Sigourney said the tricks on display only showed how the sport has advanced in just its second turn through the Olympic calendar.

"I'm so grateful for them", she said. On the evidence of this week, though, if the women are going to push ski halfpipe farther, it will be Cassie Sharpe who leads them.

"She's worked so hard for this and has wanted it so bad", said Bowman, as she began to choke up.

"To see me pull it off, I don't know, I'm still in shock. I went for it".

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