Spotify Could Be Working on an Apple HomePod Killer

Job Listings Hint Spotify Working on its 'First Physical Products'

Spotify Close To “Creating Its First Physical Products”

One of the new job listings that indicate Spotify's move into hardware.

The smart speaker race has intensified since Apple threw its hat in the ring with HomePod, but a new competitor may be entering the fray - and it could be a game-changer.

Today, several hardware-oriented job ads (spotted by MusicAlly) have been posted to its site.

The job is based in Stockholm, as are a pair of other production-related jobs, for "Senior Project Manager Hardware Production" and "Project Manager Hardware Production & Engineering".

"We are looking for a passionate and seasoned Operations Manager that will contribute in the creation of innovative Spotify experiences via connected hardware", the listing continues. According to that listing, among the responsibilities of the new role would be actually defining what Spotify's internet-connected hardware would do, as it went on to create something "category defining" in the style of Pebble's smartwatch, Amazon's Echo, and Snap's Spectacles.

A second listing, for a Product Manager of Voice who was to "be responsible for the strategy and execution of Spotify's voice efforts beyond our core apps [.] areas like desktop, TVs, speakers, cars, wearables, headphones", suggested that whatever this product is, it's going to include some form of voice control.

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The fight for music streaming supremacy is mostly between Spotify and Pandora, the two largest services available in the United States.

When contacted, Spotify didn't confirm any plans for hardware or software development. Spotify refused to comment.

It was previously seen that Spotify was exploring the field but latest ad posting suggests that the company will soon begin manufacturing a smart speaker.

Rumors have swirled for a while about Spotify working on its own music hardware.

Apple released the HomePod earlier this month, marking the company's official entry into the nascent smart speaker market dominated by Amazon and Google. Apple has taken things a step farther with its HomePod speaker, which only supports Apple Music.

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