Violence Mars Brazilian Derby As Match Is Abandoned After 9 Red Cards

Punches fly in Brazilian match as ridiculous number of red cards are dished out

Brazilian Football Game Ends After 10 Red Cards Received (VIDEO)

Football is known as the attractive game, but sometimes it does turn ugly.

Bahia Vice President Vitor Ferraz told O Globo that he would be telling his players to report assaults in the match to the police.

Here's more about this "ugly" event.

The Bahia state championship match between Vitoria and Bahia has descended into farce after Bahia scored a penalty and celebrated by dancing in front of their home supporters.

The players couldn't bear the humiliation and punches started flying at each other.

This didn't go down too well with Vitoria's players.

Punches fly in Brazilian match as ridiculous number of red cards are dished out

With 13 minutes remaining, the referee issued a second yellow card to Vitoria's Uillian Correia, and his teammate Bruno Bispo subsequently received his second yellow card for arguing with the official's previous decision.

The rivalry, called Ba-Vi, ended 11 minutes early after Vitoria was down to six players on the field, one short of the required minimum.

This caused pandemonium as several players got involved.

Following 16 minutes of a delay in an attempt to restore order, the referee gave eight red cards to players of both teams.

Nine footballers were sent off in a Brazilian match between local rivals Bahia and Vitoria.

A sporting court in Brazil will now meet to determine any action that could be taken.

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