'Nerves of steel': French skater finishes routine despite wardrobe malfunction

Gabriella Papadakis held her nerve to post an impressive score despite the costume malfunction

Gabriella Papadakis held her nerve to post an impressive score despite the costume malfunction

During the start of her routine with partner Guillaume Cizeron, a lift by Cizeron resulted in the Papadakis' dress becoming undone and same exposed one of her breasts.

French duo Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron were competing in the short dance ice skating in Pyeongchang earlier this morning, when disaster struck. Papadakis said she took steps to make sure there would be no repeat of Monday's incident, which she described as her "worst nightmare".

Papadakis' clasp in the back of her halter dress came undone, and according to CBC's Kurt Browning, it wasn't the first time it happened this week. "But you know, I'm so proud that we managed to pull out a program like that".

"It is just frustrating to miss a few points because of a costume issue", Cizeron told the media after the short dance. "We do what inspires us, and we really try to create programs that we can have fun with", Cizeron said of their performance, "and I think it is, it has to be different from what other skaters have done before. It was wonderful to deliver what we did today for our first Olympics".

Despite this very unfortunate incident, Papadakis swiftly continued her performance and used her one hand to avoid her dress slipping down again.

The pair were ice dance champions in Vancouver in 2010 but in Sochi four years ago Virtue and Moir, who joined forces way back in 1997, were edged out of defending their title by their then training partners Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

It is the second wardrobe malfunction of the Pyeongchang Winter Games.

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Ice dancers need to be flawless to win a medal at the Winter Olympics - so the last thing they need is a massive distraction mid-performance.

She racked up enough points at worldwide competitions to make it to the Olympics through a quota system. "It's bad luck, there's just no rational explanation".

Despite the mishap, Papadakis knew she had to keep going.

Papadakis kept going, and the pair still returned a strong score.

"We have edited the video for all television encores and online replays", the statement read.

Upset though she was, however, even Papadakis realized the strength that came out of the moment.

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