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#DayZero: Cape Town buys one more month

Drought-stricken Cape Town pushes back 'Day Zero' again

A tough water-saving regime and the generosity of farmers have given South Africa's main tourist hub welcome respite from a severe drought and helped push back a dreaded "Day Zero" when Cape Town's taps are expected to run dry. If drastic consumption reductions are not achieved by so-called "Day Zero" - the last day of normal water supply - people will have to queue at 200 standpipes for daily rations of 25 litres (6.6 United States gallons).

Over the last week, the city's water consuption has been lowered to 523 million liters per day, Reuters reported.

"The Groenland water transfer and the reduction in our weekly average demand has had a dramatic impact on the Day Zero date, which is determined by assuming that the fortnightly trend of weekly dam storage change will continue unchanged", he continued.

Neilson urged residents to not ease up on their water-saving efforts, as the city has yet to reach the targeted 450-million litres per day collective usage target.

"The only way we can stretch our water supplies is to adhere to the 50 litres per person per day water allocation".

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"There is water in Cape Town, but there are guidelines and we want people to be aware of them", he said.

Meanwhile, Neilson said that the preparations for Day Zero continue as planned, along with the city's aggressive roll-out of pressure management initiatives and the installation of water management devices at the properties of high users across the metro.

He said that Safa could not cancel matches or furtherreduce its water consumption: "We have made sacrifices and to be honest with you, it doesn't look like the City (of Cape Town) has a plan in place".

The South African city has enforced strict waste controls including prosecuting homeowners who use significantly more than the current 50-litre daily limit.

The previous forecast for "Day Zero" was June 4.

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