The Buzz About 13 Digit Mobile Number - True but Faintly Misinterpreted!

13 digit mobile number coming to India soon all you need to know

13 digit mobile number coming to India soon, all you need to know

If you woke up to news reports in the morning that your mobile number having 10 digits will soon comprise 13 digits, and have been panicking, then relax!

The government is planning a 13-digit number for SIM-based machine to machine (M2M) communication, which will be used for controlling various devices including surveillance camera, auto and child-tracking devices and smart electric metres using the internet.

According to the Department of Telecommunications' instructions, all telecom operators need to start using the 13-digit mobile numbers for existing Machine-to-Machine communication from October 18, The Indian Express reported.

Will it affect mobile users in India?

Are 13-Digit Mobile Numbers Really Coming?

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Those of you who have panicked hearing that your mobile number will turn 13 digits from this July, relax!

BSNL clarified the same in a tweet: "There is no change in human mobile numbering scheme". It's true. Indian government has asked telecom companies to move to SIM cards with 13-digit phone numbers in some cases. There is a pressing need for all M2M connections being migrated from a run-of-the-mill 10-digit numbering system to a 13-digit numbering system. The proposal to make M2M numbering 13 digits originated from portable administrators.

The rumours started spreading on social media after a letter by Bharat Sanchar Nigam to equipment suppliers ZTE and Nokia written on February 5, went viral.

While the 13-digit numbering plan will be implemented from 1 July 2018 for M2M communication, the mobile phone numbering plan of 10 digits remains unchanged. The deadline for the completion has been set for December 31, 2018. The M2M numbers are used in various sectors like Logistics, Transport, Health, Telecom and more.

Machine to machine (M2M) technology refers to direct communication between two machines, communication device and channels. M2M or SIM-based IOT devices will be impacted by this.

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