Trump to discuss school safety with students from Parkland, Newtown, Columbine

Trump WIll Have a Listening Session With Florida High School Students After Deadly Shooting

'Am I Next?': Students take leadership in national movement against gun violence

His decision comes days after the tragic shooting at Douglas High School [VIDEO] in Florida. Some, like Hunter Pollack, whose 18-year-old sister Meadow was killed in the Parkland shooting last week, concurred with Trump's assessment; he said having more armed people on campus could have saved his sister's life.

The screenshots of the texts went viral on Twitter and Sam mentioned them during the White House listening session.

Trump signaled possible approval for raising the age to buy assault rifles, tougher screenings for gun sales and concealed firearms for teachers.

Survivors of the shooting have made pleas for increased regulations. In many states the age for purchasing the weapon is 18, while the minimum for handguns is 21.

The National Rifle Association, the nation's leading gun rights advocacy group, backed a ban on bump stocks after the October 1 Las Vegas mass shooting, in which 58 people were fatally shot.

The mass shooting on 14 February stirred the nation's long-running debate about gun rights and public safety, prompting officials from state lawmakers to Mr Trump to consider new action.

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She said it was time for change, adding: "Every day when I say "bye" to my parents, I do acknowledge the fact that I could never see my parents again".

Many Republicans and even the powerful conservative lobby of the National Rifle Association have supported some regulatory action on bump stocks.

A bump fire stock that attaches to a semi-automatic rifle to increase the firing rate.

The mass shooting is one in a long history of massacres in U.S. schools, but has moved people to push again for tighter gun control. "We want common sense gun laws", said Delaney Tarr in Tallahassee. When the ATF last completed a review of bump stock classification in 2010, it concluded that the devices were not regulated under existing gun laws.

"We must move past clichés and exhausted debates and focus on evidence based solutions and security measures that actually work", Trump said during a White House ceremony. Separately, Florida lawmakers denied a motion to bring an assault weapons ban to a vote Tuesday night.

But because this ban addresses the function of bump stocks - fully automatic fire - and not the devices themselves, it paves the way to ban additional devices, like trigger cranks, that achieve the same effect.

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