Watch Spot Mini Endure Abuse While Opening a Door

Enlarge ImageSpotMini gets a hockey stick on its

Enlarge ImageSpotMini gets a hockey stick on its"head. Boston Dynamics video screenshot by Amanda Kooser CNET

The unsettling video shows the canine cyborg walking up to door before a man armed with a hockey stock tries to block its path and prevent it from opening the door before dragging it away by the "tail".

"A camera in the hand finds the door handle, cameras on the body determine if the door is open or closed and navigate through the doorway", Boston Dynamics explained in a description of the video posted to YouTube.

But this video is just too much, especially when the man is kicking the robot and pulling it - it's nearly like watching graphic animal abuse, and I may be insane, but I don't ever want to treat a robot like this, even to test how robust it is. I can't help it, they're cute.

There's no stopping this robot dog from getting through the door.

But SpotMini is prepared for such attacks.

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According to Boston Dynamics, the latest video is an example of the computer controlled dog "adjusting behaviour when progress gets off track". The company, owned by Japan's SoftBank Group, is part of Japan's investment in robotics as the population ages and there's greater demand for elder care and other aid for seniors.

In a February 12 video, two SpotMinis appear to navigate the same obstacle. In a show of digital chivalry, the second robot even politely holds the door for the other one to enter.

This is not the first time the hockey stick was used to taunt Boston Dynamics robots.

You probably would have seen the previous viral hit, which was a video of one of their dog-like robots with a menacing extended claw where its head should be.

Nothing would work though as the robot worked through the obstacles. The robot dog can not be stopped.

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