Greitens Indicted by Grand Jury

Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri Indicted for Invasion of Privacy

Missouri Governor Indicted Over Naked Picture

But what does it all mean legally?

The indictment was handed down Wednesday but made public Thursday afternoon.

Gardner, who grew up in St. Louis and earned a law degree from St. Louis University, chose to run for the job leading an office of about 60 prosecutors when Joyce opted not to seek a fifth term in 2016. In general, its not a good idea to take naked images of yourself or others because you never know how they may be utilized at a later date. Jamilah Nasheed called on Republican House Speaker Todd Richardson to begin impeachment proceedings against Greitens.

Kimberly M. Gardner, the St. Louis prosecutor, said the statute of limitations for charges to be filed would have expired next month. "It's an extraordinary situation for all the wrong reasons".

Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted yesterday by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony charge of invasion of privacy. He reportedly blackmailed the mistress in question, threatening to release nude photos of her, to keep her quiet.

As reported by the Two-Way in January, Greitens, a Republican, confirmed that he had an extramarital affair before he was elected in 2016, but he denied the allegations of blackmail.

The tweet was a reference to an ad released by the former Navy SEAL during his campaign for governor in which a narrator says, "When he fights back, he brings out the big guns", as Greitens calmly fires a machine gun into a lake.

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Greitens previously admitted to an affair that started in 2015. Do we know how this may all play out for his political future?

The grand jury's only job was to decide if there was enough probable cause to charge Greitens - not to determine if he is innocent or guilty. But he can not run the state's highest office while defending himself in court. The charges are unfounded and baseless. And the motion to dismiss, I'm going to guess, will come shortly after.

Picerno said Greitens' case doesn't seem like the type of case that would lend itself to a judge dismissing it.

"Like many Missourians, we find these serious allegations shocking and concerning", Missouri Senate Republican leaders said in a statement. The report included details of a recording of a woman saying Greitens had tried to blackmail her to keep quiet about their sexual encounter.

The woman said Greitens later apologized and claimed he had deleted the photo he took of her. He canceled plans to go to Washington this weekend for a National Governors Association meeting, and the Republican Governors Association said Greitens "no longer intends to serve" on its executive committee.

"With today's disappointing and misguided political decision, my confidence in our prosecutorial system is shaken, but not broken", Mr Greitens said.

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