Woman Dumps Popcorn On 2-Year-Old, Hits Her With Container

Keri Karman 25 and her father Charles Karman

Woman arrested after dumping popcorn on 2-year-old during movie, police say

A woman is under arrest for allegedly dumping popcorn on a 2-year-old child at a movie theater in Nassau County in January.

Ms Karman and her 61-year-old father fled the theatre when the child started crying.

The one-sided food fight began as the Karmans were seated alongside the girl and her mother inside the AMC Dine-In Theater in Levittown, L.I., cops said.

Keri and Charles Karman were charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

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She allegedly dumped a bucket of popcorn on the child and hit her with the empty container, leaving the girl with a contusion and causing her to cry. Keri, who was sitting next to the child, allegedly told the 2-year-old to be quiet, and the child's mother then told Keri not to talk to her daughter. Celia Riggs denied that account and told the Post that the incident traumatized her daughter.

The father and daughter became irate when the child turned to her mom to ask for some popcorn. Charles Karman was arrested because he did nothing to stop the dust-up, police said. "If she was this screaming monster child, someone else might have said something, and between the adults she was with, someone would have taken her out". Riggs held Harley on her lap as they waited for them to arrive. And because no screening is complete with someone throwing a temper tantrum over someone refusing to keep quiet, Karman allegedly got up from her seat and placed her hand on the toddler's mouth, ordering her to keep quiet.

"The mother was extremely frustrated that [they] did that", a woman who was working the night of the incident said.

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