Uber's self-driving freight trucks are now operating across Arizona

Uber self-driving trucks taking shipments in Arizona

Uber's Self-driving Trucks Are Already Delivering Goods in Arizona

Uber's self-driving trucks made their first delivery in 2016, when one of its semis transported 2,000 cases of Budweiser from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs.

Having scaled up the full launch of its autonomous freight trucks for some time, the company said Tuesday that it would now begin to operate them across the state, serving multiple customers. The truck takes the load over the state before handing it off to another trucker to transports it over the last few miles to the recipient.

Uber on Tuesday said it is using self-driving semi trucks to augment human-driven rigs in its on-demand trucking service in the USA state of Arizona. The plan is to use self-driving vehicles to carry freight along highways, while human drivers will take over for shorter drives, like the journey to the recipient's loading dock down country roads.

The trucks are part of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group which says it's "committed to creating a new approach to modern transportation", adding, "a large part of that effort is the development of self-driving technology to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry".

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Shippers using the Uber Freight app can book a trucker in a traditional truck, which drives to a hub to meet up with the driver-equipped self-driving truck.

With 70 percent of domestic freight hauled by truck, an increase in autonomous vehicles could mark a major shift for truckers - a skillset which is now in demand.

In Uber's current program, a trucker found the self-driving truck at the Arizona state border. It's also the first we've heard about Uber's self-driving truck business in a little while, so it's good to see Uber's continuing to make progress and devote attention to this issue.

In a YouTube clip released Tuesday, Uber said it would integrate manual trucking with self-driving trucks by deploying the former for short hauls and the latter for longer distances.

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