Cheerleaders from 39 states possibly exposed to mumps

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Health officials recommended that Texas residents should check if their child received the mumps measles and rubella vaccine

More than 23,000 athletes from across the country took part in a national cheer competition in Texas and now the state's health department is sending out a warning to parents.

The affiliation said on Twitter that in excess of 23,000 competitors and 2,600 mentors took part in the opposition from February 23 to 25 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

The time from being infected with the virus to developing symptoms can be as long as 25 days but is typically 14 to 18 days, the health department said.

Mumps is an infectious infection that makes the salivary organs in the face end up swollen, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A vaccine for mumps is available and encouraged especially for children over the age of 1.

A spokesman from the state health department told the Dallas Morning News that the person traveled from another state. While there is no treatment for mumps, most people recover in a few weeks.

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Van Deusen told the Post there have been no reports of cases connected to the cheering event, but added that the "incubation period" is almost at its end. Infected people without symptoms of mumps may still be able to transmit the virus.

The CDC says the MMR vaccine is "very safe" and about 88 percent effective with two doses in your system.

Doctors recommend consulting your family physician to receive your vaccination status.

"Before the US mumps vaccination program started in 1967, mumps was a universal disease of childhood", the CDC points out on its website.

Texas Department of Health and Human Resources said while vaccination against mumps is the best protection against mumps infection, vaccinated individuals may still become infected. It also can be spread through shared utensils.

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