Nikki Haley accuses United Nations of bullying Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy conference on Tuesday

Nikki Haley accuses United Nations of bullying Israel

It's more a question of making peace with the Arab world, and then making peace with the Palestinian Authority, rather than the other way around, Netanyahu suggests, because no matter what is proposed to Ramallah, the plan is always rejected.

But Trump glossed over the distinction Monday, saying the USA would only spend $250,000 to build the new embassy versus a $1 billion proposal he said he was recently presented.

For all intents and purposes, US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear to be tracking together on most issues.

The decision to open a Malaysian embassy in Jerusalem, Palestine, will only be determined after the city's final status is decided through Palestinian and Israeli bilateral talks under the two-state solution framework.

For decades, Israel has been in conflict with the Palestinians, who have been seeking diplomatic recognition for their independent state on the territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which are partially occupied by Israel, and the Gaza Strip.

Trump said he may travel to Jerusalem later this year when the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv is symbolically transferred to Jerusalem. Whereas Mr. Obama believed in forcing the Israelis to make what he called "hard choices", Mr. Trump seems to entertain the idea that Israel can have its cake and eat it, too.

If we want to talk about security in the Middle East we should talk about Iran or Syria or Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, the starvation in Yemen. "If I have a message for you today, it's a very simple one". I think it actually may work more the other way around.

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"I want a solution where they have all the power they need to govern themselves but none of the powers to threaten", Netanyahu said Wednesday, addressing The Economic Club of Washington.

Trump has Netanyahu's back when it comes to the frightening future with Iran sitting atop Israel's northern border with Syria. "The important thing is we were quite clear about that, we didn't hide that".

Mohammed Ishtayeh, a top adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas, said a series of US steps have harmed the climate ahead of an expected peace proposal by the White House. Since ascending to the presidency, Trump has repeatedly stressed the possibility that Washington could terminate the agreement.

"We will continue to demand that Israel not be treated like some sort of temporary, provisional entity", Haley said.

The Palestinian leader added that the policies undertaken by Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu in the Palestinian Territories shows that "there is no Israeli peace partner". Iran, for its part, said that the primary condition for possible global negotiations on Iran's missiles is the destruction of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles that the United States and European nations have. I said, we're not going to spend a billion dollars.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, told reporters later Monday that Kushner's role in the meeting between Netanyahu and Trump "wasn't impacted" by his lower security clearance. American Jews owe Trump a "debt of gratitude", he said.

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