Amazon says it has fixed randomly laughing Alexa speakers

Alexa is freaking its owners out with random laughter and defiance - Twitter

Amazon acknowledges Alexa has developed a random, creepy laugh

In truly petrifying news, Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo device, has begun manically laughing at random. The planned fix includes trading the current "Alexa, laugh" phrase for "Alexa, can you laugh?"

Amazon gave a statement to The Verge earlier this week acknowledging the problem and confirming that they are now working on a fix for it.

A group of Reddit users who use Echo have reported incidents of instances when Alexa has ignored commands, such as turning lights on after being repeatedly asked to turn them off.

"The Alexa team has also disabled the phrase "Alexa, laugh" as a trigger".

While voice assistants like Alexa have been welcomed into many homes as fun, family-friendly technology, some people are still unsettled by them.

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A Twitter user wrote: 'I think it's Skynet starting up! There are other devices such as HP Inc. personal computers and certain modems that work with Alexa, but the problem appears to be limited to the Amazon Echo and the smaller Echo Dot.

How would you feel if you Amazon Echo device would laugh like a manic in the dead of night?

Wade at least had a simple enough solution to the problem, however: "We unplugged her". Alexa will also start saying "Sure, I can laugh" before it actually starts laughing to at least warn you that it's coming. One report past year estimated it had 16 million subscribers, which would slide it into third place behind Spotify and Apple, but Amazon hasn't confirmed that number.

My advice to all you Alexa owners?

The features are available to Prime Members as well as subscribers to the Amazon Music Unlimited service in the United States and the UK.

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