Mario Tennis Aces release date announced

Direct Leaks: Japanese retailer reveals Mario Tennis Aces characters, release dates and more

Mario Tennis Aces Releases On June 22 With A Pre-Launch Online Tournament

You can read the full description of the game below.

Multiplayer's on the cards too, and is available for up to four players in both online and local flavours.

Wii U has already been a platform to Mario Tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash which were released in November 2015 on. Nothing is confirmed for the reveal, but alongside Mario Tennis Aces, a closer look at Detective Pikachu before its release in two weeks is expected as well as a reveal for a fully-fledged Fire Emblem title. Mario, Luigi, Daisy are in the All-Around group, Bowser Jr., and Waluigi make up the Defensive group, Peach and Toadette are in the Technical group, Yoshi and Toad are in the Speedy group, Boo and Rosalina are in the Tricky group, and Chain Chomp, Bowser, Wario and Donkey Kong in the Powerful group.

It corresponds to every play mode of Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy tennis with incandescence with anyone anywhere, anytime.

Direct Leaks: Japanese retailer reveals Mario Tennis Aces characters, release dates and more

According to the details leaked, Mario Tennis Aces will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 22.

Furthermore, the game will also offer multiple control schemes; motion controls for aiming a special type of shot, the Zone Shot. Characters have an energy gauge that can be used to perform Zone Shots, Zone Speed, or Special Shots.

Mario Tennis Aces is set in a story mode which will feature missions and boss battles with enemies like a giant piranha plant.

However there will also be more simple modes of play where players can just play a regular round of tennis if they so choose.

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