Muhammad Wilkerson to visit Chiefs, Saints after Packers

DE Muhammad Wilkerson's mom called into radio show to eviscerate Jets reporter

DE Muhammad Wilkerson's mom called into radio show to eviscerate Jets reporter

Mehta has since doubled down on his comment, according to Sporting News, saying "it's not personal" and that his initial remarks were based on Wilkerson having "issues with alcohol and drinking in the past".

As Muhammad Wilkerson embarks on his first National Football League free agent tour, his mother Ka'idah apparently has reached her tipping point in regard to what she perceives as her son's mistreatment by New York Daily News columnist Manish Mehta.

That's my unsolicited advice to New Orleans Saints officials who reportedly are considering taking a flyer on 28-year-old free agent defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson, who was pushed out the door by the New York Jets with three years remaining on a five-year, $86 million contract. "Muhammad does not pay Manish any attention, so therefore he always has something against him".

"Where's your proof, Manish, that Muhammad is an alcoholic?" she told WFAN.

Wilkerson is a risk that teams will have to weigh after burning out in NY.

"He goes out just like everybody else", Ka'idah said. "I'm just livid. I'm just livid with him". "He may have met him in temple, but he has always written disgusting things about my son".

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Wilkerson has been struggling since signing a huge deal recently. "Like, why do you keep saying these things about my son?"

There was plenty of speculation the Packers weren't going to let Wilkerson leave the facility, but he's on his way to the Big Easy.

"I'm just livid with him", Ka'idah said about Mehta.

It'll be interesting to see whether Ka'idah indeed pursues a legal case against Mehta.

"He always has something negative to say about Muhammad".

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