Sea of Thieves' Final Beta Is Open, and It's Live Right Now

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Final Beta Open to All as It Sets Sail Today & Runs Through March 11th

With less than two weeks left before Sea of Thieves hits the deck for Xbox One and Windows 10 players, Rare has unleashed the game's final beta session, which will run its course until 2am PT on March 11.

The video which accompanies the announcement has a few warnings for players who plan to jump in this weekend and play.

In the Final Beta, alongside the Gold Hoarders, we will be testing Merchant Alliance voyages for the first time, giving players an entirely new way to play. Another new feature being tested in the beta is Skeleton Forts, which creates the opportunity for forts in the world to be occupied by skeletons. Watch out for that telltale skull cloud above a fort which indicates the chance of great rewards but also great risk. Naturally, this means you may have to battle other players as well as skeletons for riches. Or might they even be there already?

Progression in Sea of Thieves is a little nebulous at the moment, but there are some bits and bobs we can pull together to get an idea of how it all works. "We can't wait to watch and find out". The version of the game for that upgraded console is almost 10GB larger than the OG Xbox One download, and that includes the 4K textures. To install, you will just need to search for and install the Sea of Thieves Final Beta. On top of that, Sea of Thieves' Xbox One X enhancements will be available during the final beta as well.

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The first legs will be played on April 3 and 4, with the return legs taking place a week later on April 10 and 11. In the second half, with Leroy (Sane ), he was the only one who tried to be aggressive and tried to do something.

As this will be the biggest test yet for Sea of Thieves on a technical level, Rare will be doing its best to keep the game online as much as possible. If this happens, we will be sharing the latest news and status via the status page on, and we will be sharing regular updates on Twitter from the official @SeaOfThieves handle.

We do know a bit about it, though, thanks to the closed beta and some information direct from developer Rare itself.

Here's to the next leg of the journey.

Between the visual upgrade, opening up to everyone, and the new content, Sea of Thieves has an opportunity to make its case as a must-have release in the early part of 2018.

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