The NYPD is ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein

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David Shankbone Flickr Remix by Jason Reed

A law enforcement official told The Daily Beast that the department is "ready to go with an arrest", after spending months investigating five separate sexual assault allegations against Weinstein.

The NYPD investigation stems from allegations made by actress Paz De la Huerta, who claimed that in 2010 Weinstein gave her a ride home to her New York City apartment where he insisted they have drinks, after which he allegedly forced himself on her. De La Huerta claims he did it again shortly thereafter.

Vance's office declined to comment to The Daily Beast on the matter.

The survey says more than 60 percent of women in the local industry have experienced sexual harassment at work, usually by someone senior to them.

He added that detectives were still gathering evidence, and suggested that reporters approach Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance with questions. "I would ask you to ask him ... where it goes forward".

She says the forums heard unacceptable behaviour - from creepy comments and jokes through to sexual assault - are part of a culture which has to change.

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Prosecutors have said they are taking the investigation seriously.

According to Boyce, witnesses were prepared to corroborate before a grand jury, which would decide if Harvey Weinstein is indicted. In 2015, police conducted a sting after an Italian model accused Weinstein of groping her, secretly recording Weinstein apologizing for this conduct.

After the criticism over the last year's decision, the prosecutors said that the police arranged the sting without their knowledge and other proof issues existed too, but the police pushed back saying that they would present enough evidence.

Meanwhile the other three cases in NY against Weinstein are still developing.

'Any sale of The Weinstein Company must ensure that victims will be compensated, employees will be protected going forward and that neither perpetrators nor enablers will be unjustly enriched'.

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