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Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3 Remasters Available Soon on Steam, Free To Old Owners

This past December, Square Enix teased that a new AAA Tomb Raider game will be revealed at a major event this year, and rumor has it the new game will reportedly be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. As it stands the original Tomb Raider games are available on Steam, but they are the DOS ports of the original games, which like we said don't exactly scream hi-fidelity.

Realtech VR, is working on remasters of the first three Tomb Raider games that will be playable on 1080p or Full HD resolution with 60 frames per second.

Realtech VR is the company handling the remasters, and it's basing them on the mobile versions of the games.

For those who might just want decent performance on modern systems: all graphics can be turned down!

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Additionally, there will be proper support for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

There is a reason why this is going to be strictly a Steam release for the PC.

Work on the first two games have been completed and Realtech VR is now working on the third game. Since TR classic is on Steam, we will use the game data from there.

If you had previously purchased a DOS version of the original games, these remastered will be available to you for free. And because the old Tomb Raider games are often sold at a discount on Valve's platform for less than $2, players can get the remastered editions for quite cheap. You can have a look at the trailer of the remasters of the first two games below. Until then, stay tuned!

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