New Alexa Feature Makes Follow-Up Commands Easier

Paranormal … Alexa – Amazon's digital assistant laughs and spreads fear to its users!

Is Amazon Alexa laughing at you?

Amazon recently made it easier for Alexa users to ask follow-up questions. Now, Amazon has a new feature called "Follow-up Mode" that's created to make exchanges like that feel a lot more natural. The idea for this mode is to solve a simple problem.

With this new mode, Alexa devices will continue listening to a commend for a few seconds after the initial command. To get Alexa calling and messaging on your tablet, you just need to download the latest version of the app. As usual, saying "stop", "cancel" or "go to sleep" will stop Alexa from listening.

Meanwhile, Amazon also explained that the random laughs might have been caused by coincidental phrases that Alexa hears and processes as commands. On all other devices, just open the Alexa app, head to Conversations, select a contact, and press call. If you need a lot doing, you can end up saying "Alexa" so many times that it starts to sound like a fake word or that you're going slightly mad talking to someone who isn't actually real. This was the same reason why one of Amazon's solutions was to scrap the "Alexa, laugh" prompt and replace it with the more specific "Alexa, can you laugh?" phrase. This follows a problem last week where Amazon Alexa stopped working altogether and wouldn't respond to voice commands at all and essentially lost her voice.

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Several reports emerged online of Alexa-enabled devices emitting a ghostly cackle.

Scroll down to Follow-Up Mode and use the toggle to turn it on. It also won't activate while you're listening to music, streaming an audiobook or making an Alexa call.

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