Denver Broncos: Discussing Drew Brees as a FA option

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum throws during the first half of the NFL football NFC championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. Keenum plans to sign with Denver when free

Drew Brees takes less to try and win one more with Saints

Brees wasn't the only player creating drama as the NFL's negotiating period before free agency kicked off Monday.

While acquiring Brees would make Minnesota an instant contender for at least a season or two, it would be absolutely shocking to see the 39-year-old quarterback leave the New Orleans Saints.

The Vikings have mostly been linked to Kirk Cousins, but obviously Brees would be a huge upgrade over Cousins, and likely would command a shorter contract. Brees' contract will void Wednesday afternoon, and he'll count for $18 million in dead space for the upcoming season.

The Vikings are also weighing the return of one of their own quarterbacks. But if they some how manage to finagle Brees away from New Orleans - pulling off yet another Minneapolis Miracle at the Saints' expense - Minnesota would have to be considered the team to beat.

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Still, it's not all surprising that this deal is coming down to the wire.

Some team is going to make Brees turn down big money to return to the Saints. It wouldn't be surprising if general manager John Elway has reached out to Condon, who also represented former National Football League quarterback Peyton Manning. We are just getting over a ridiculous weekend full of trades. Brees' contract re-negotiation with the Saints really screwed them over on the cap, which is part of the danger of moving money into future years, and they could get seriously burned.

Regardless, eight weeks and one day ago, no one would have expected it to take this long for a new deal to be done. Last year, for example, Brees was perfectly willing to let the final year of his contract play out, without demanding extra years of guaranteed salary to be tacked on.

There's no reason to expect anything different this time around - even though both sides are adding a little last-minute drama to the equation.

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