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Why Sami Zayn Winning at Fastlane is the Perfect Route to Wrestlemania for SmackDown

The Smackdown exclusive show has such little bearing on WrestleMania or really any developments going forward, it's nearly not worth watching.but I will.for I am a sucker.

SmackDown's Wrestlemania main event is now confirmed however, with Styles set to defend against former rival Shinsuke Nakamura.

The main event of Fastlane was a roller-coaster ride, where it seemed at times that anyone could win.

Who do you have for Fastlane this Monday (Manila time)? It was far from pretty and there were no real surprises, but it was fine.

Nakamura doesn't need to say much in order to look good heading into WrestleMania, and he is generally better off doing the bulk of his talking physically anyway.

WWE has released more WWE Fastlane fallout videos as seen above and below.

This match started strong but got really sloppy in the last minute or so. The crowd weren't into this at all, and it basically just existed to remind us that Carmella is still holding the briefcase. Let's hope things improve though.

Orton performed an RKO on Bobby Roode to win his first-ever United States Championship.

Orton's match with Roode was one of his better matches in recent memory.

While Orton celebrates, Jinder Mahal comes to the ring and attacks The Viper. I have so much respect for what those guys and girls do. The robed one has held the USA title for just less than two months and it doesn't seem like it should end here. Cena would go on to defeat the champion, thus being added to the championship match making it a Six-Pack challenge. Again, he has been in the business for a while now, so he was very mature in the way he handled it and I appreciate that. When Lynch turns around, she eats a superkick from Carmella and the Princess of Staten Island picks up the pinfall. If she's winning, she'll lose.

In the end, I'm just glad these four ladies had a match. They all worked hard well together and.yeah.

As for RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro, their match isn't quite as obvious, but a match against The Revival could be entertaining.

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Hah, I guess I called this one too. The match was marred by its finish, though, which saw The Bludgeon Brothers come down to the ring and lay out both teams as they lay motionless at ringside.

Cena, who was expected to win the championship and book his berth at WrestleMania 34, was stunned by Styles, who defended his title by securing a win via pinfall over Owens. Remember the Usos/Harper & Rowan feud from back in the day?

Some of WWE's most talented and popular female competitors have yet to be booked for a WrestleMania match. Makes me nervous for the Six-Pack Challenge later.

Interestingly, I think Flair retains in order to take on Asuka for the title at WrestleMania. The Queen vs. The Empress!

The New Day vs. See I think Charlotte Flair is going to have a semi-tough match with Ruby Riot.

They clicked really well and Ruby Riott proved that she was a formidable and valid contender.

Hey, that was kind of fun.

Hahaha, Cena lost. Now he can be despondent and sorrowful in a promo tomorrow on RAW before - GONG!

The Undertaker is going help AJ Style retain the belt.

Oh, man. What is up with Shane? The ultimate end to all of this would be Shane vs. Daniel Bryan at 'Mania.

We are on the road to WrestleMania. He drops Mojo with a shot to the face covered Mojo for the win. He practically did it five times with Styles getting it last on top of the commentator's table.

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