PMB's Visit To Benue Sign Of Hope - Ortom

Ortom Asks Buahri To Upgrade Exercise Cat Race

Buhari Unaware IGP Absconded From Benue Because He is “Not Omniscient” – Adesina

President Buhari said this on Monday during a meeting with some stakeholders at the Government House in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

He regretted that the state was backward in infrastructure development, saying that a social visit would enable the president to assess its level of backwardness.

Buhari, who met with farmers, herdsmen, government officials and other stakeholders in Makurdi on Monday as part of his visits to troubled states however, denied insinuations that he was not interested in what was happening to Benue state.

I did not know that IG did not stay in the state. I can not do that.

He said Buhari could review the current exercise CAT race (Ayem A'Kpatema) by the military in the state by upgrading it into a full military operation in order to give specific directive that could lead to tackling the herders-farmers clashes in the state.

He denied insinuations that he overlooked the killings that happened in Benue, saying he is genuinely anxious over them.

Suspension of People's Assembly leaves tongues wagging
The meeting comes amid concerns of a fallout in the coalition, with political pundits saying the move by Mr. ODM has the majority of ward representatives from Nasa affiliate parties.

Ortom expressed the hope during the handover of the Abagana Internally Displaced Persons Camp at Agan, by the Presidential Committee on Flood and Rehabilitation to the state government.

He stated further that the burial will now take place next week Thursday.

"As a born again Christian and someone who believes in the fear of God, I can not and we have never encouraged the establishment of any militia group", he said.

The president said he preferred to quietly "read the riot act" as he did to the Inspector General of Police when the Benue attacks began.

It was gathered that the itinerary of the President was adjusted as his visit to the state Chairman of the state traditional council, Tor Tiv, Prof.

President Buhari was surprised that Idris breached his order.

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