Putin says he ordered 'hijacked' plane to be shot down in 2014

Russia's Defense Ministry building in Moscow

Russia's Defense Ministry building in Moscow

A MiG-31 interceptor jet made a training launch of a Kinzhal aeroballistic hypersonic missile and the missile hit a target on the test range, TASS reported.

Russia's defense ministry released a footage showing a large warhead detaching from a jet and blast through the sky, leaving a fiery trail behind.

Russian Federation has said it successfully launched a hypersonic missile described by Vladimir Putin as "an ideal weapon" when he unveiled new armaments earlier this month.

Vladimir Putin has claimed that he ordered a passenger jet to be shot down in 2014 amid reports that it had been hijacked and posed a threat to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Kinzhal was one of several new weapons unveiled by the Kremlin at the start of the month during Putin's state of the nation address. The massive twin-engine MiG-31 remains the fastest operational fighter capable of clocking a top speed close to Mach 3.

The missile has been deployed in the southern military district since 1 December, he said.

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Kinzhal missile can make hard maneuvers, allowing it to overcome any defense systems.

The defence ministry said the missile was launched from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in south-west Russian Federation on Saturday. Tests of this nature also help the ground crews and all other military personnel involved to get familiar with the new missiles. "The hypersonic missile confirmed its technical operational performance and timing data of the Kinzhal missile system".

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It was published on the social media accounts of notorious pro-Kremlin TV host Dmitry Kiselev ahead of a presidential election on March 18.

"I was told: a plane en route from Ukraine to Istanbul was seized, captors demand landing in Sochi", Putin said in the film seen by Reuters. "They did not impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrent posture". Regardless of "how much money they want to put into this arms race with themselves", Mattis said, the USA approach remains the same.

The secretive chief executive of oil giant Rosneft, Igor Sechin, said he had served under Putin in various capacities for almost 30 years and that the president was "a very careful person".

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