An Official Shadow of the Tomb Raider Announcement Is Coming Soon

The new “Lara Croft” Alicia Vikander miscalculated the size of the neckline

Alicia Vikander Is Getting Body-Shamed For Her Role In Tomb Raider And We Aren't Having It

If only she had those qualities for the whole movie. It's a richer take on the character than the superheroic cipher played by Jolie, and Alicia Vikander-now the second Oscar victor to play Lara Croft-is a promising choice to guide the franchise into a future with a little more substance to it. On that note, yes, she is serviceable and has toned down the cartoonish aspects of Lara Croft.

Are you excited to see the Tomb Raider reboot? It relies heavily on several exposition dumps narrated by the missing Lord Richard Croft to start the engine of its story. It does none of it any favors. Choosing what to translate into a film adaptation can be equally tough, but Tomb Raider's specific focus on Lara and the efforts to make her character relatable do wonders for a movie that, to be honest, I didn't have too high hopes for. Yes, there are action sequences and mysteries that are solved, but it drags on. Lara decides that she needs to investigate further and follows her father's research to go to the island of Yamatai and figure out what happened to him.

The story of "Tomb Raider" is actually decent. Not to forget everyone's favorite - pre-order incentives! After getting bailed out by her family's associate Ana Miller, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, Lara decides to sign the papers declaring her father dead. The best you could say is that the film is about her learning to accept her father's death.

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Those who own the original DOS versions of the "Tomb Raider" games on Steam will get the remastered versions for free.

The script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastir Siddons is very much a connect-the-dots affair, unburdened by the need for subtlety, subtext or deep characterization - how many times we hear the father go all soft and call his daughter by her pet name "Sprout" can not be tabulated. Also, the artwork is not specific enough to indicate where the game will be set. All of these worked to underpin already engaging gameplay with an enjoyable narrative weight and emotional stakes. The second game raises the stakes as the adventurer travels the globe in search of the Dagger of Xian, which is said to give its possessor the power of a fire-breathing dragon.

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