Apple Allowing Companies To Create Lightning To 3.5mm Cables

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For any of you that doesn't know what MFi certified is, it is a manufacturing certification given to Apple's external accessories manufactures to indicate that the product has met Apple's performance and quality standards.

With the new specs, companies in the MFi program can now include USB-C receptacles on their officially certified iOS and Mac accessories for charging.

Apple started allowing manufacturers to use its Lightning port receptacle on MFi accessories a few years ago and it has been adopted by a lot of docks, game controllers, Made-for-iPhone chargers, and other products since then.

Thus, as soon as popular Apple accessory makers license their wares, we might be able to buy a cheaper USB-C to Lightning cable to pair with, say, Anker's USB-PD adapter that costs half of what Apple charges for its own. This is the only way to connect an iPhone to one of Apple's USB-C laptops. Unlike with Lightning receptacles, Apple does not allow the port to be used for passthrough charging or sync of an iOS device.

HuffPost UK
HuffPost UK

Making matters worse, USB-C-to-Lightning cables are the only way to get real fast-charing with the iPhone X and 8, making the company's official cable the only viable option.

What Apple does not allow yet is producing USB-C-to-Lightning charging cables, like the one the company sells independently of a smartphone, for the scope of plugging your phone to a MacBook Pro or a MacBook 12.

Up until now it was possible to use adapters as a workaround to not having this cable. Instead, the headphone jack end of the dongle will be what's called a male port.

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