Trump says watching courts before acting on gun age limits

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"Not much political support (to put it mildly)" Trump tweeted Monday. The shift provides another example of the strong influence wielded by the NRA both at the White House and on Capitol Hill, where most lawmakers remain opposed to significant policy changes in the wake of the shooting massacre that killed 17 at a Parkland, Fla., high school last month.

Among those ideas, which Trump had expressed vocal support for in a February 28 meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, is raising the age on gun purchases, universal background checks and taking guns from those identified as a security threat without consideration of due process.

As part of the administration's response to the Florida shooting, a new federal commission on school safety will examine the age issue for purchasing firearms and a long list of others topics, as part of a longer-term look at school safety and violence. 'I think what Senator Feinstein is asking there - when we talk about just DACA, we don't want to be back here two years later. "Everything is on the table", she said.

The gun-rights organization has already sued Florida after Governor Rick Scott signed legislation raising the minimum age to 21.

The White House is pushing for federal funding for training and arming voluntary teachers to help protect students at schools.

Hogg also pointed out that talk about gun control, in the absence of meaningful action, is just that: talk.

At the same time, Republicans anxious that the mercurial and ideologically ignorant Trump would complicate their well-laid plans with his desire to play to the crowd, particularly since so much of what they advocate is deeply unpopular.

Along those lines and to his credit, Trump also called on states to pass court-issued Risk Protection Orders - the so-called "red flag orders- that allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from individuals who pose risks to themselves and others, and temporarily prevent them from buying firearms".

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What the proposal doesn't give is support for raising the age limit to purchase certain firearms, something President Donald Trump earlier indicated he was in favor of.

"In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Trump called on representatives of over 50 Muslim-majority nations to do more to combat terror and extremist ideology", it said.

DeVos said that "far too often, the focus" after such tragedies "has been only on the most contentious fights, the things that have divided people and sent them into their entrenched corners".

The White House has released its proposal on guns, and like everything else Republicans suggest, it is exactly what the NRA wants.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is reviewing whether it can ban bump stocks through the regulatory process. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., that is created to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System; and the STOP School Violence Act, which would authorize state-based grants to implement violence prevention training for teachers and students.

And in that meeting, Trump demanded aggressive tools to repossess the guns of those who might be risky: "Take the guns first, go through due process second".

"He's talking about Congress who actually has the ability to make law, not online polls", Sanders said.

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