Mugabe blasts ZDF, ED, over coup

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

"The Zimbabwe Government continues to honour all its obligations towards the former president's welfare and benefits, as provided for under the Constitution of Zimbabwe".

State media The Herald reported Thursday that Moyo had told Parliament that the new administration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa was not facing any impediments with regards to it rejoining the Commonwealth.

"People must be chosen in government in a proper way. I'm willing to discuss, willing to assist in that process-but I must be invited".

The photo sent shockwaves through the ruling ZANU-PF party which he dominated for decades as he was shown with opposition leader Ambrose Mutinhiri.

The then Zanu PF leader had fired Mnangagwa only two weeks earlier on allegations of plotting to unseat him.

In November a year ago, Mugabe was forced out of power after Zanu PF pushed for his impeachment on the back of a bloodless military coup.

Since his dramatic reversal of fortune, he has largely appeared to stay out of public life.

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Despite widespread jubilation following the army's seizure of power, many Zimbabweans are now disenchanted by what they see as a mere changing of the guard at the top of Zimbabwe's authoritarian system.

At 94 years of age when he was eventually replaced by a military coup he was by far the world's oldest active national leader.

Mugabe's ousting was the culmination of a power struggle between Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe, who was being groomed by her husband as his potential successor.

"It was truly a military takeover, there was no movement visible unless that movement was checked and allowed by the army".

Zimbabwe pulled out of the Commonwealth in 2003 after the bloc criticised former president Robert Mugabe over alleged stolen presidential elections held the previous year as well as his controversial policy of violently seizing land from white farmers.

When asked about his regime's human rights abuses, Mugabe admitted, "We have been accused of that and on that side, yes some errors were done".

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