NCAA tournament gambling guide takes March Madness beyond the brackets

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The broadcasting of all games in the 2018 March Madness tournament is a tag-team effort.

So while picking the No. 1 seeds to fall during the opening weekend of the tournament is a risky proposition, don't hesitate for a second to bet on a lower-seeded team to reach the Final Four. No. 1 seed Kansas would probably beat No. 16 Pennsylvania 999 out of 1,000 times they play. But while the field seems wide open at the top, the next tier of teams doesn't seem poised to crash the party. As of Monday morning, Kansas was only a 14.5-point favorite over Penn.

The Cavs won't have sixth man De'Andre Hunter, who will miss the tournament due to a broken wrist.

ESPN's Mackenzie Kraemer gave us some opening-round trends past year, and I've added the results from the 2017 tournament. That includes the Final Four.

Michigan State: No team swats more shots than the Spartans, who average 7.4 blocks.

Villanova is well coached, experienced, and has the best path to San Antonio.

College basketball fans are gearing up for March Madness, when Men's Division 1 teams block, dribble and dunk for three weeks to be the national champions. The Red Raiders have been very good this year in a tough conference, but this team doesn't have a lot of experience in the tournament. He makes 42.3 percent of his 7.2 3-point attempts per game.

Villanova is far from a two-man team. They're either going to get bounced early, or Young is going to work some miracles for a game or two.

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The smallest budget for any team is play-in 16-seed Texas Southern at $1.43, making it the biggest financial underdog.

It's the time of year again when almost all of America-basketball fans or not-seems to get caught up March Madness. It also didn't help that Kansas, Duke, and Michigan State were all placed in the same region this year.

The Jayhawks knocked out Michigan State previous year, but the Spartans will win back-to-back revenge games as they defeat Kansas and head to the Final Four.

With Hulu Live, you can also watch every game of the Women's NCAA Tournament.

Xavier: When Musketeers senior Trevon Bluiett heats up from outside, watch out.

Cincinnati: The Bearcats rank second in the country in scoring margin, with an average of 17.4 points. In fact, three teams in the West - No. 2 North Carolina, No. 3 MI and No. 4 Gonzaga - have better advanced efficiency metrics than Xavier, which means in order to even make the Final Four, it would likely have to win two games as an underdog. Look for the Bulldogs to get out of this region and make it to the Riverwalk.

There will be upsets and buzzer beaters, but in the end, four established basketball powerhouses are locks to get to the Final Four and have a chance to cut down the nets.

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