The best feature of Google Photos is now available on iPhones

Verified account @google

Verified account @google

About a week ago, Google began rolling out the Lens feature to Google Photos for Android users.

Furthermore, Google Lens can be used to copy and take action on the visible text, or to visit a website, get directions, add an event to the calendar, call a number, copy and paste a recipe, and more. Point it at a business card, meanwhile, and it will attempt to extract the pertinent contact details and then offer to create a new contact entry with them on your phone.

To test the feature, you'll need version 3.15 of the Google Photos app. Photos of books offer up reviews and other information, while landmarks and buildings, paintings, and plants or animals search the internet for background details.

Google Lens will continue rolling out to iOS users over the next week.

Lens allows a smartphone camera to detect objects and pulls up relevant information to the user.

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To get your hands on it now and give it a whirl, make sure you're running the latest version of Google Photos for Android or iOS, and open up a picture from your gallery.

The US technology giant Google is officially rolling its visual search feature "Lens" to Apple iOS devices.

But that's hardly the only useful thing about Google Lens. Your activity with Google Lens and the image is saved to your Google account, available here.

Taking advantage of Google Lens is straightforward, but requires the use of Google Photos on your iPhone or iPad.

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