WWE Announcement On The WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal

Ronda Rousey has brought WWE more attention

WWE Renames Fabulous Moolah Battle Royale Amidst Heavy Backlash

The event was going to be called "The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal", but after complaints about the name, the company decided to make a change.

Apparently, "WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal" is not a suitable replacement name for the WWE Universe, and other names were suggested.

WWE has dropped the Fabulous Moolah name from the women's battle royal that will be held at WrestleMania.

As you may expect, the announcement was met with unparalleled backlash from fans.

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There were a number of WWE talent that had no clue of the allegations towards Moolah.

(.) But the big problem with that is the person who is associated with that award was an evil woman who did nothing for Women's Professional Wrestling. Many of these stars also said that Moolah tried her best to keep her trainees "underneath" her so that she would never lose her 'spot'. Fabulous Moolah pimped out women. we are now in the #MeToo era, are you really trying to say that you endorsed her behaviour? While she's noted for standing the test of time and remaining in the spotlight, even into the late '90s, she's also been accused of pimping out the young women she trained, stealing money from other wrestlers, racism, and having a stranglehold on booking, among other things.

At Smackdown Live this week, many were surprised that a change hadn't already been made as everyone involved who had went near Twitter was aware of the explosion on social media. Needless to say, she was relieved that didn't happen.

From the moment the match was announced the prevailing trend on social media and elsewhere was not joy or celebration, but rather anger and indignation centered on Moolah, the new match's namesake. Although I clearly spoke to these people on the condition of anonymity, I wasn't given the name or brand of the wrestler who was described as "angry".

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