Drake and Ninja's 'Fortnite' battle sets a new Twitch record

Every Cosmetic Skin Pickaxe and More in Fortnite

Drake broke records in epic Fortnite stream with Ninja, Juju and Travis Scott

Being the biggest name in the most popular video game will tend to bring one into prominence, which is exactly how this stream eventually came to be.

That was set during the grand final of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the 2018 ELeague tournament.

Among tidbits into his life that drew wide notice on social media, Drake revealed that he is a vegetarian and that he is a fan of pineapple on pizza.

The same blog also promises more news on the first season of competitive play "in the next few weeks", while Epic has also confirmed that the first round of invites for the mobile version of Fortnite have already gone out.

Drake plays on PS4, Ninja plays on PC.it's not entirely clear if they're playing on two separate platforms in this stream, though we've reached out to Epic for comment.

Drake uses the John Wick-inspired skin.

Drake broke records in epic Fortnite stream with Ninja, Juju and Travis Scott

For those heading over to the place to bein gaming this year, Epic Games will be hosting a Fortnite celebration that boasts 50 celebrities, 50 pro gamers, and ONE Victory Royale.

Drake now has more than 36 million followers on the social network.

Twitch has drawn followers not only for the games, but also for the talk-show-like chatter that accompanies them. His penchant for commentary and self-promotion, especially for Twitch's Prime subscription, has earned him more than 50,000 subscribers in just over a week, as the Twitch Reddit community noted.

Fortnite has been on fire lately, there's no doubt about that!

It will compete in the Multiplayer and Evolving Game categories, but missed out on the Best Game group.

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