Egyptians overseas start voting in Egyptian presidential race

Fattah al Sisi

Fattah al Sisi

The official acknowledged that there are no official statistics about how many Egyptians will vote overseas.

The presidential elections for Egyptian expatriates will last three days, Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Loza told reporters.

Immigration minister Nabila Makram directed the launch to ensure a smooth and transparent ballot casting process for Egyptian expatriates.

Regarding the prospects of the elections, the deputy foreign minister noted that they are expected to be similar to those in 2014, when Egyptians registered en mass "to support their nation and demonstrate to the global community that what happens in the country represents the people's will".

The Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia organized massive campaigns, organisational committees and voluntary task teams to assist in the 2018 presidential election in the Saudi kingdom and to encourage Egyptian expatriates into heading to the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh and the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah to cast their ballots.

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Only one candidate is standing against current President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who came to power through a military coup against the first freely elected Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, in 2013.

Meanwhile, the NEC made a decision to cancel the voting in four countries - Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia - for security reasons and to protect the lives of Egyptians living there.

The former army chief is widely expected to win by a huge margin in the March 26-28 vote, since his only challenger leads a party that supports the Egyptian president.

Earlier this week, Aeroflot, Russia's flagship carrier, announced plans to resume flights to Cairo on April 11.

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