Eric Reid Believes Protests are Why he's Unsigned



Reid, a former Pro Bowl safety, has good reason to believe that his protests are why he remains unsigned, given that Kaepernick went unsigned all of last season despite easily being good enough to merit at least a backup quarterback spot on an National Football League roster.

GMs aren't the hold up broski. People who know me, know my character, ' he responded to someone on Twitter. The Baltimore Ravens coach recently admitted that a USA military official advised him not to sign Kaepernick over the protest.

A first-round draft pick by the Niners in 2013, Reid also tweeted that "the notion that I can be a great signing for your team for cheap not because of my skill set but because I've protested systemic oppression is ludicrous".

Just because teams didn't beat a path to Reid's door toting bags of money doesn't necessarily mean that he won't be signed even though teams may not want the baggage of the protesters.

"It wasn't until our third preseason game on August 26, 2016, that (Kaepernick's) protest gained national attention, and the backlash against him began", Reid wrote in a New York Times op-ed.

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A Twitter user sympathized with Reid, criticizing National Football League general managers. He played five seasons for the 49ers before his first spell on the free agent market this year.

'I wouldn't use the word concerned, ' Reid told ESPN reporters then. And I'm completely fine with it. "Like I said, I'm fine with whatever outcome happens because of that". Again, he's only 26 years old and can still play.

Reid had 67 tackles and two interceptions for the 49ers last season.

Reid's contract with the 49ers expired at the end of the 2017 season.

On Thursday, though, Kaepernick was spotted training in Houston, Texas, sparking rumors he could be joining the Texans.

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