First two cars removed from underneath collapsed bridge

The investigation why the bridge collapsed is underway

The investigation why the bridge collapsed is underway

The engineer and contractor behind the Florida International University bridge that collapsed and killed six people Thursday have developed projects in Collier County.

The OSHA violations, which resulted in more than $50,000 in penalties, included citations for employees not receiving proper hazardous-chemicals training before handling concrete, not removing water from excavations and not wearing safety glasses and protective gloves, documents show.

On Thursday, the span collapsed, months ahead of its completion, crushing the cars below and trapping an unknown number of people and injuring others.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said DNA may be needed to confirm some victims' identities, along with fingerprints and family photographs.

Hours later, the Florida department of transportation (FDOT) revealed that the lead engineer working for one of the companies involved in the bridge construction reported a crack in the structure two days before its collapse.

Officials from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) say the message was not picked up until after the bridge came down on Thursday. At least 8 cars were left trapped under the bridge after the collapse.

News emerged Friday that an engineer for the company that designed the bridge left a message for a state employee warning the bridge had "some cracking".

Two cars pinned under the rubble were recovered from the wreckage Saturday morning.

At a news conference Friday night, officials from the National Transportation Safety Board said they have just begun their investigation, and can not yet say whether any cracking contributed to the collapse.

Figg, the company behind major bridge construction projects including the Sunshine Skyway over Tampa Bay, was fined by the Virginia labor department after the collapse of a section of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge on to railway tracks in 2012, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

Robert Accetta, the investigator-in-charge for the NTSB, said crews were applying post-tensioning force, but investigators aren't sure if that's what caused the bridge to fall. The evaluation was based on the best available information at that time and indicated that there were no safety issues.

Authorities "obviously have an idea of who is in these vehicles", Perez said, but they would be taken to the medical examiner's office for "100 percent identification".

Richie Humble, who studies at FIU, was also riding in a vehicle under the pedestrian bridge when he heard a creaking noise coming from the structure that spanned a busy Miami-area highway. It sounded different from anything he had ever heard before.

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The general approach has been around since the mid-19th century - and has been used safely and successfully for a long time - but interest in ABC has increased in recent years as states have looked for quicker, less expensive ways to replace thousands of aging bridges. "It was too quick to do anything about it".

Once Humble realized he was alive, he also realized that he could not get to Duran. A group of men outside the auto started yelling at him to try crawling through the rear window. The men outside grabbed a wooden plank and pried open the rear door to pull him free, he said.

Mr Humble said he was unable to get to his friend Alexa, who was unresponsive.

Others have desperately waited for almost 48 hours for word on their loved ones. Scott had been expected to release the tourism numbers Friday in Naples.

The bridge connected the university campus to the small suburban city of Sweetwater, where many students and faculty live.

The $14.2 million project was supposed to take advantage of a faster, cheaper and safer method of bridge-building promoted by the university. One person died at a hospital.

In a Facebook post, Chelsea Brownfield said she was awaiting information about her husband, Brandon. CNN could not reach Julio Gimenez for comment and C.J. Gimenez declined to comment.

Jorge and Carol Fraga feared their relative's vehicle was trapped beneath the bridge. They are 57-year-old Oswald Gonzalez, 53-year-old Alberto Arias and 60-year-old Rolando Fraga Hernandez, 60.

"The waiting is so".

"I am really puzzled that the tower does not exist", Aref said.

The bridge was put in place March 10, five days before the collapse. Traditionally, the tower is constructed first, and the walkway or roadway is anchored to it with cables.

Because the bridge's central tower and suspension cables were not yet installed, the Miami Herald notes, any cables being tightened were likely wires that ran through the span.

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